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Viking Couple - stock model reference pack

Viking Couple - stock model reference pack

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This pack includes x120 high resolution portraits of a real life couple dressed in historical outfits inspired by nordic vikings and celtic warriors.

This description showcases dark hooded cloaks, various weapons (such as archery, swords, and daggers), and primal face paint. Sam and Max effortlessly transition between fierce combative stances and tender romantic gestures, making them the ideal characters for D&D campaigns,  Perfect for designers and writers working on historical or fantasy projects,
This pack includes a mixture of close up portraits and full length poses with plenty of gesture and action references: standing, sitting, fighting, loving and dying.


Ideal for artists seeking the ultimate creative reference to elevate their work. Enhance your artistic creations with unlimited inspiration from high quality, expertly shot stock portraits. These stock images are intended as creative reference for artists to use as inspiration for artworks

Please tag me on social media @faestock I would love to see what you have created.

Thank you. Jessica

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