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Valentine - Fantasy Model Reference Pack

Valentine - Fantasy Model Reference Pack

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This pack includes x200 high resolution stock portraits shot in a studio, these are all self portraits.

This set features a beautiful, regal, and romantic red silk gown, inspired by the toga's of Greek goddesses like Aphrodite, Persephone, and Athena. The flowing fabric evokes a sense of grace and elegance.

Improve your fantasy model reference with these full-length, standing, kneeling, and sitting poses featuring gestural hands. This pack includes a variety of weapons such as a trident, short sword, and archery set, ideal for creating a powerful and feminine warrior.


The pack features a wide selection of images taken against a high key white background, ensuring a clean and polished look for subjects. You'll also find two unique lighting options, including a golden glow backlight and dark silhouettes, perfect for creating a cinematic and moody atmosphere for your portrait shots.



Ideal for artists seeking the ultimate creative reference to elevate their work. Enhance your artistic creations with unlimited inspiration from high quality, expertly shot stock portraits. These stock images are intended as creative reference for artists to use as inspiration for artworks

Please tag me on social media @faestock I would love to see what you have created.

Thank you. Jessica

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