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Pink Baroque - Stock Model Reference Pack

Pink Baroque - Stock Model Reference Pack

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This pack includes x180  high resolution stock portraits shot in a studio setting with a model, Kirilee.

Kirilee is wearing a self-made, pink French baroque gown. Experience the lavish lifestyle of 17th century nobility with this opulent photoshoot, showcasing luxurious jewels and indulgent sweet treats.  Choose from a variety of props, including a food feast, an axe for rebellion, hand mirror and writers quill, even a few fun ones where she is using a modern phone to play with.

Kirilee is a fantastic comic actress and this photoshoot features her playful expressions and theatrical characterisation of this indulgent noble.


Ideal for artists seeking the ultimate creative reference to elevate their work. Enhance your artistic creations with unlimited inspiration from high quality, expertly shot stock portraits. These stock images are intended as creative reference for artists to use as inspiration for artworks

Please tag me on social media @faestock I would love to see what you have created.

Thank you. Jessica

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