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Golden Goddess - Fantasy Model Reference pack

Golden Goddess - Fantasy Model Reference pack

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x180 High resolution fantasy stock portraits. My high-resolution images are carefully crafted in a professional studio with vibrant backgrounds and lighting, creating stunning silhouettes and warm golden tones.

This pack features three different models all wearing golden toga gowns, inspired by goddesses from ancient mythology. With ornate crowns and jewellery, flowers, angel wings, flowing silk fabrics this pack is rich in detail and regal elegance. 

Unlock your inner creativity and channel the divine with these beautifully crafted goddess themed stock portraits. Whether you're creating a tarot deck, oil painting or digital artwork, or designing a book cover, these inspiring pieces will elevate your project to new heights! 

Ideal for artists seeking the ultimate creative reference to elevate their work. Enhance your artistic creations with unlimited inspiration from high quality, expertly shot stock portraits. These stock images are intended as creative reference for artists to use as inspiration for artworks

Please tag me on social media @faestock I would love to see what you have created.


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