March Update - Princesses, Queens and Trenchcoats oh my!


Introducing the new release packs for March....


Fairytale Fantasy

Perth experienced a record-breaking heatwave in March, and amidst the scorching 35°C (that's 95°F) heat, and for whatever mad reason I found myself out and about in a ballgown, capturing images for this princess pack.

Despite the challenging conditions – the discomfort of sweat clinging uncomfortably, the unforgiving dappled light, and a stubbornly wobbly tripod restricting me to horizontal frames – I persevered.  over all I am very happy with the results, pushing through discomfort to create something beautiful.


Leather Trenchcoat  &  Red Trenchcoat 

In addition to Artstation I also share stock images to micro stock sites like Shutterstock and Adobestock. One highly sought-after request on these platforms is for images of women wearing coats, walking away from the camera – a favorite for mystery/crime book cover art. So, I rummaged through my wardrobe and added two new looks to my collection: a dark leather trenchcoat featuring a magnifying glass and a touch of quirky distortion, and a classic red coat.

I've uploaded two new packs featuring different models. It's fascinating to collaborate with models in creating stock images. After relying on self-portraits for so long, inviting someone else into the studio feels like sharing a part of my inner world with them.  

As a boudoir photographer by day, I'm accustomed to directing subjects with zero modeling experience. However, directing a stock photoshoot presents a unique challenge. Here, I aim to encourage fluid movement, enabling the model to embrace a character and craft expressive poses that spark stories, allowing us to cultivate a playful and creative energy together.


Kirilee Fantasy Queen

Enter the realm of epic classic fantasy with a regal queen adorned in dramatic flowing gowns, wielding swords, adorned with crowns, and gazing into crystal balls.


Emma Dark Bird

With a crouched and twisty demeanour, feather  wings and horns, this character embodies the essence of a dark fae creature or a human-bird hybrid.

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