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It all begins and ends with books.
jessica truscott  - Australian self portrait  photographer
 Books were a haven for me as a child.  Artists like Pauline Bates, Shirley Barber, Arthur Rackham and Brian Froud are illustrators who inspired my imagination to expand on the magical worlds of the books I loved.
 In 2007 while studying painting at university I would create self-portraits to use as a reference base for my paintings, working towards the goal of becoming a children’s book illustrator.

 jessica truscott  - Australian self portrait  photographer


During this time I fell in love with the art of photography, going on to work in local portrait studios photographing families and female boudoir sessions, while also exploring my own sense of identity through photographic self portraits.

I became a master photographer with the AIPP (Australian institute of professional photography) and an accredited member of ProPhotographyWA, with many local exhibitors and awards in my portfolio.

jessica truscott - Australian self portrait photographer

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