Faerie Magic

Hey there, fellow creators!
I'm thrilled to share with you a magical addition to my collection.  Introducing the latest pack of professional fantasy stock portraits:  The Purple Faerie
In this collection of x150 high-resolution self-portraits, you'll find me wearing in a shimmering sequin gown that glimmers like the scales of a mermaid, paired with crowns fit for a mystical faerie queen. 
The World of Fae has had profound influence on my life. From seeing Shirley Barber's illustrations as a child, brimming with prettiness and glitter, to Brian Froud's portrayal of mossy and messy goblins, the allure of the fae folk has always drawn me back into a realm of magic and wonder.
These portraits were not initially planned as stock images but rather emerged from various photoshoots as part of my fine art portraiture practice.  The colour purple is the colour of magic, of twilight, mystery and royalty.
However, the sheer prettiness of the shimmering fabric made it impossible not to share them with you all, and please, do share your creations with me—I'd love to see what other artworks this pack inspires in your hands.
I've always believed in the power of art to transport us to otherworldly realms, and I hope that these stock portraits serve as a conduit for your own creative journeys
With sparkles and wonder,
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