Delving into the archives - New stock releases of February 2024

 Welcome back fellow creatives!

This is a blog featuring the new stock pack releases from February!
February brings a nostalgic twist, delving into the archives. 
As I have been devoting more item to my day job (as a Boudoir photographer in a portrait studio) I didn’t have as much time to prepare as many new releases, instead I looked through old hard drives to find photoshoots that I had not uploaded as large packs before.
Previously these images were only available as individuals on sites like Shutterstock, Adobestock and Depositphotos but never as a complete set.
As I revisited these older photoshoots, memories flooded back. It is a joy to rediscover these moments, breathing new life into them with fresh perspective and appreciation.



First up, brace yourselves for the dynamic energy of our "Crouching Man" pack. Whether he's a stealthy ninja or a creeping goblin, this collection embodies strength, tension, and vulnerability

Faestock Fantasy Stock Model Reference Pack



Fly into action with my super girl comic hero stock pack. With vibrant colours and powerful poses these images capture the essence of comic heroism in all its glory.

Faestock Fantasy Stock Model Reference Pack



Stepping into the realm of elegance, offering  a softer, more sensual aesthetic explore sumptuous silk drapery. evoking the serenity of classical art or the drama of haute couture.



 This black leather fighting costume is designed to embody the essence of a fantasy assassin warrior from popular novels such as Throne of Glass, Acotar, and Fourth Wing. A spy, an assassin, a warrior, she is ready for battle.

Faestock Fantasy Stock Model Reference Pack



The enchantment doesn't end there. Prepare to be whisked away to magical realms with not one, but two sets of my "Fae Fantasy Prince in a Castle" packs.  These two packs invite you to wander through enchanted castle halls, twisting staircases and romantic fairytale rose garden with a fae prince.

Faestock Fantasy Stock Model Reference Pack

 Faestock New February releases stock model reference pack

So, whether you're crafting digital art, designing book covers, or illustrating fantastical worlds, With my diverse range of stock packs, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

Until next time, may your inspiration be endless and your dreams, limitless.


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